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Operation Surf Santa Cruz: Official Facebook Page



Operation Surf is a recreational and rehabilitative surfing clinic for wounded, active duty service personnel. Operation Surf is recognized as a rehabilitative program by the United States government, but receives no Federal funding. Amazing Surf Adventures partners with Operation Comfort to bring out our wounded military, who are in recovery at the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas, to participate in the event. This highly successful clinic has helped our nation’s wounded warriors overcome challenges and develop new and positive perspectives towards discovering their abilities. Operation Surf is a community supported event that gives our local residents and businesses a unique opportunity to directly show their appreciation for some of America’s true heroes.

“No matter what your injury is”, said twenty-seven year old Jason March, “it’s nice to know you can be successful at a sport. Participating with Operation Surf helped me realize that my brain injury and paralysis don’t limit my dreams; it’s just a bump in the road. Keep doing what you are doing with the clinic: it was a great stepping stone for me.”

ASA, along with several prominent surf schools, have developed an adaptive surf program to allow these soldiers to experience the thrill of surfing in a safe, constructive, land and ocean environment with professional and champion surf instructors. We begin this program with comprehensive instruction on land that includes ocean safety, ocean awareness, equipment use, and adaptive techniques that cater to each individual’s disabilities. This process creates a surfing experience that is based upon proven teaching methods created by legendary watermen Van Curaza and Richard Schmidt. This allows our nations' Wounded Heroes to obtain all the skills, healing and power that surfing and the ocean can provide while experiencing camaraderie and surfing alongside legendary surfers.

Thank you for visiting our site. We are actively seeking volunteers for all positions. We welcome any sponsorship and donations that will benefit Operation Surf.